Learn to Square Dance

Square Dancing is Easy to Learn!  Great Way to Socialize and Make New Friends!  Helps Keep You Fit!  Is Good For Your Heart!  Can Boost Your Brain Function!  Great Way to Relieve Stress!

Square Dancing Will Make You Happy, Healthy and Put a Smile on Your Face! 

Join the Church Mice Sunday nights for classes starting at 5PM for Round Dance, 6PM for Beginning Square Dancing (Social Square Dancing – SSD), and 7:30 to 8:30PM for the “Get up to Plus” Level Workshop

New classes start February 18th at the Tustin Columbus Gym, 17522 Beneta Way (Prospect & Irvine Blvd) Tustin. Angels and SSD/Plus students are always welcome for more “floor time.”


  • No partner needed!
  • Only $8 per person for each Square Dance class (Beginner and Plus combined).  
  • $6 per person for each Round Dance class.
  • Or combine Round Dance and Square Dance classes for only $12 per person per night.
  • First night for new dancers FREE!
  • No up-front charges!